Being from Britain’s most remote inhabited island, Fair Isle, Vivian Ross-Smith has spent the majority of her life as part of extreme landscapes and fragile communities.

Through her art practice Ross-Smith studies and explores her rugged island surroundings. Using traditional methods of craftsmanship such as knitting, preserving skins, net making and metal work, to explore relationships between material and surface; and between man made and natural.

Ross-Smith is interested in the passing of knowledge through generations, resulting in communities having a deep understanding toward their place. Combining elements of painting, textiles and sculpture she embeds the stories and traditions of island life into the materials and imagery of her work.



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Really impressed by your work “Plutonic” and how it changes with the light giving it a completely different perspective. I hall follow your work with interest.

    • Hey Deb, yes you can follow through email. If you go to the bottom of this page you will see a ‘+’ symbol, when you click on it you will see follow options which you can enter your email address into. Glad you enjoyed my blog and happy to have you following along.

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