‘Erosions’ at Newave Gallery


I am delighted that my solo show ‘Erosions’ is now open at Newave Gallery, Aberdeen.

In this series of works I have considers sustainability and human impact on the land. As the results of climate change become apparent, I have been exploring how these issues are being addressed, glorified or even ignored.
Manipulating materials such as wood, metal, crystal and concrete I compare our natural environment with human existence. Decaying materials sit alongside clean lines to add stark contrast and ask the viewer to consider humankinds modern relationship with the land.
The textural work deconstructs land formations, which are playing host to silhouettes of towering turbines. The structures can be viewed as a visual reminder that we cannot ignore the impact we are having on our natural landscape.

'Co-Existence' 2015. Cement, Resin, Onyx and Silver Leaf on Wood (framed). 64x34cm

‘Co-Existence’ 2015. Cement, Resin, Onyx and Silver Leaf on Wood (framed). 64x34cm

'Erosions' 2015. Mixed Media on Wood (framed). 33x33cm

‘Erosions’ 2015. Mixed Media on Wood (framed). 33x33cm

'Worship' 2015 (front). Copper, Wood and Model. 61x31x21cm

‘Worship’ 2015 (front). Copper, Wood and Model. 61x31x21cm

'Worship' 2015 (Back). Copper, Wood and Model. 61x31x21cm

‘Worship’ 2015 (back). Copper, Wood and Model. 61x31x21cm

The show opened on Friday night with a bustling gallery full of visitors. This body of work addresses several issues; including art, geology and renewable energy – meaning a good broad range of people were enticed to come into the exhibition for a look, which made for a really great opening.
I was happy that the work appeared to get people thinking and engaging in some interesting discussions – everyone seems to have an opinion on climate change and renewable energy (including myself)! There was a great mixture of people there – friends, family (Who had travelled mostly from Shetland), artists, old tutors of mine, geologists, and passers by that just wanted to see what was going on.

'Offerings' 2015. Mixed Media. 82x49cm

‘Offerings’ 2015. Mixed Media. 82x49cm


‘Growth’ (detail)


'Traces' 2015. Shetland Wool and Aluminium bar. 73x130cm

‘Traces’ 2015. Shetland Wool and Aluminium bar. 73x130cm


The fantastic Lerwick Brewery were very kind and sponsored me plenty of their beers for the opening night, which were really enjoyed by everyone. I was so pleased to have a unique Shetland drink to set the mood for the evening – a noted touch by the visitors. So a big thank you to them, especially Isla Mercer who was kind enough to come by the gallery and drop them off herself.

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‘Land Lines’ detail

'Sample I' 2015. Mixed media on Cement (framed). 23x27cm

‘Sample I’ 2015. Mixed media on Cement (framed). 23x27cm

The exhibition is running until 6th October so if you are in Aberdeen head along to Newave Gallery and see the work for yourself. If you can’t see the work in the flesh, click here for my ‘Gallery Of Works’ where you can see photos of all the pieces in the show as well as past works.

A big thank you to everyone who came out the opening and made it such a special night.

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3 thoughts on “‘Erosions’ at Newave Gallery

  1. I visited the gallery yesterday (3/10) and really enjoyed seeing the exhibition in person – the photographs here are lovely but don’t quite do justice to the depth of some of the pieces, nor to the astonishing colours. I couldn’t stop looking at ‘Worship’ in particular, and found myself planning a fair-isle yoke with a mixture of some of the bronze and gold and turquoises, but it probably wouldn’t be quite so successful! My favourite pieces were ‘Erosions’ and no. 15, the one with the moonlight landscape behind glass (or perspex?), which had such incredible layers.

  2. Hi Kate, thanks for you lovely comment and really glad you got along to the gallery. I agree that the photos don’t really do the work justice – it is so hard to photograph my work! Especially the resin piece you mentioned above, which is why I always prefer people to see it with their own eyes. Thats fantastic to hear you are planning a yoke around some of the colours, I must see it when its finished! x

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