Fish Skin + Textiles


Traces II, 2017. Preserved and hand stitched haddock skins with aluminium frame. 84 x 54cm


Island Journeys, 2017. Preserved and hand stitched salmon and haddock skins. 133cm x 78cm (Held in Private Collection)



An island is an Island, 2016. Handstitched and naturally died linen. 102 x 70cm

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‘Fishing Hands’ 2016. Preserved haddock skins with hand stitching. 28x40cm


‘Traces’ 2015. Shetland Wool and Aluminium bar. 73x130cm


‘Offerings’ 2015. Mixed Media. 82x49cm

'Growth' 2015. Vivian Ross-Smith

‘Growth’ 2015. Mixed Media on Linen (framed). 47x43cm

Fragments I

Fragment I, 2014. 69cm x 49cm

Fragment II, 2014

Fragment II, 2014. 66cm x 50cm


Fragments III, 2014. 65cm x 50cm (Held in private collection)

Da Fishing Hands O' Fair Isle, 2013

Da Fishing Hands O’ Fair Isle, 2013. 390cm x 90cm (Held in private collection)